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Restoration PAC is a non-partisan political action committee that independently sponsors political activities that advocate for the election or defeat of candidates across the country on the basis of adherence to the Blueprint for the Restoration of America. Please visit Restoration Action for more information, to get involved and to take action to bring about the policy changes needed to restore America's prominence.

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About Restoration PAC

America has steered off-course and Restoration PAC is a non-partisan political action committee that sponsors political activities advocating for policy changes and/or the election or defeat of candidates on the basis of their adherence to the Blueprint for the Restoration of America.

Doug Truax leads Restoration PAC. He is a 46-year-old West Point graduate, Army veteran and health care reform expert. He owns a successful health care consulting business, works and lives in suburban Chicago and was a candidate for US Senate in the Illinois GOP Primary in 2014. In that race, he faced a self-financing, multiple election cycle candidate with 88% name recognition. Starting with 0% name identification, in eight months Doug raised more than $400K, built a statewide campaign organization, received key endorsements from Speaker Newt Gingrich, conservative congressmen and the Chicago Tribune, won the Chicago metropolitan area 52% to 48%, and garnered 44% of the statewide vote. He has been characterized as one of Illinois’ rising political stars by a national cable network.


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We need to take immediate action to prevent our country from being hijacked by liberal politicians, liberal culture and liberal media. Help us to make sure that America remains the greatest country in the world by working with us to elect candidates who are willing to make the hard choices that are needed.