Can’t find him...

It’s been 24 hours since news broke in Colorado that health insurance rates are set to jump 20% on average for individual buyers in 2017, yet Senator Bennet hasn’t said a single word to Coloradans suffering thanks to his vote for ObamaCare.
It’s a classic Michael Bennet move to try and hide under his desk while the disastrous consequences of his policy decisions unfold, but it’s bold even for Michael Bennet to completely avoid answering questions on this monstrous rate increase.
“ObamaCare would never have passed without Senator Michael Bennet’s vote and now that Coloradans are seeing the negative consequences of the law firsthand, Senator Bennet is shamefully trying to avoid answering to the people he is supposed to serve,” said Restoration PAC Founder Doug Truax. “Senator Bennet famously said he has ‘no answers’ for the skyrocketing cost increases associated with ObamaCare and his embarrassing silence on the announcement of a 20% rate increase is just the latest evidence he should be fired in November.”
Senator Michael Bennet told the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Editorial Board in May that he has ‘no answers’ for Coloradans who are experiencing the “most expensive health care on the planet” thanks to ObamaCare.
Apparently, nothing has changed.