About Restoration PAC

America has steered off-course and Restoration PAC is a non-partisan political action committee that sponsors political activities advocating for policy changes and/or the election or defeat of candidates on the basis of their adherence to the Blueprint for the Restoration of America.

Doug Truax leads Restoration PAC. He is a 46-year-old West Point graduate, Army veteran and health care reform expert. He owns a successful health care consulting business, works and lives in suburban Chicago and was a candidate for US Senate in the Illinois GOP Primary in 2014. In that race, he faced a self-financing, multiple election cycle candidate with 88% name recognition. Starting with 0% name identification, in eight months Doug raised more than $400K, built a statewide campaign organization, received key endorsements from Speaker Newt Gingrich, conservative congressmen and the Chicago Tribune, won the Chicago metropolitan area 52% to 48%, and garnered 44% of the statewide vote. He has been characterized as one of Illinois’ rising political stars by a national cable network.